Virtual art exhibition/gallery

Due to psychogeography, we did with the group in the last mafazine issues, I want to carry the idea to explore how we can use online location to exhibit artwork. I was very lucky to be part of virtual art exhibition “ Abstract art today” with Bougie art gallery in Ontario, Canada. I have basically taken the photos of my artwork, which was showing in Coockhouse gallery at Chelsea college of art and showed in virtual art gallery/exhibition participating with Bougie art gallery at Ontario, Canada. I played with locations, as pictures taken from one gallery and exhibiting in another gallery. First, was made art catalogue. Here is a link.

Later on, Bougie art gallery made online location of the gallery, which is very interesting. Now I see how observing covid-19 time and opens new possibilities to exhibit and showcase the artworks. The link is here of Virtual art exhibition “Abstract art today”, by Bougie art gallery.  

                                                                                                          Evaldas Gulbinas