Evaldas Gulbinas

Area research- street art in Shoreditch, London

“- I’ve taking adventure to research my nearest area “Shoreditch”, which is most excited to me, because streets are full of graffiti art. Graffiti art has connection to my work. ” 

Shoreditch wasn’t known for being the place would flock to see in early 90s. The last 20 years has become a cultural hotspot, where brought best London’s alternative artists. Shoreditch surrounded by incredible urban artwork from the city’s most talented artists.

In 80s and early 90s shoreditch was surrounded by young people and alternative artists, which was considered as a vandals. Creative lettering and coloring began to take a graffiti to a new level- set up a foundation for a new form of art. Lately, by experimenting on the walls and buildings, area turned into alternative urban oasis, as is today. London and Shoreditch remained the epicenter of the movement with local community showing support for the newly emerging art form. Shoreditch allows you to see how far the world of street art has come. 

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Painted graffiti art area near Allen gardens, Shoreditch, London

“- My most interested graffiti art location is Allen Gardens in Shoreditch”

Allen Gardens- key location for street art and graffiti.

“- I’ve researched that in this area did happen- Allen Gardens Paint Jam Gallery.”

Allen Gardens Paint Jam gallery- mixture of traditional street artist who are experimenting from other art backgrounds . Here, everyone is meeting excited people and learning new things from each other. 

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Allen gardens, Shoreditch, London

Murals and graffiti

“ – I was looking for an artist’s work, who does graffiti, inspires me and my work in Shoreditch, London. Lately, I found it! “ My favorite art is by Thierry Noir. His work is focusing on iconic, cartoonic images of colorful heads. Thierry’s work can be seen in East side gallery, Berlin. “- I was searching for his work in streets of Shoredich area and accidently found it. ” Also, his work can be seen now as graffiti art painted piece on the doors in 157 Brick lane. Doughnut and Coffee bar( Shoreditch, London). 

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Thierry Noir’s artwork in 157 Brick Lane, London
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Thierry Noir’s artwork in 157 Brick Lane, London

Research by Evaldas Gulbinas